Almost! Here!

June 10, 2009

I can not believe it. Ever since June 4th, I've been checking the UPS site at least 50 bajillion times a day to see if maybe they had decided to put a GPS tracking device on my packages so I could see where they are at each and every second.

Of course I had no such luck. I even had to go the entire weekend wondering where in the US of A my package was because they didn't bother to update it!

Then, today at 2pm, I found out it was in Windsor, ON. WINDSOR! That's like 3 hours and 50 minutes from my home! (Yes. I checked on Google Maps. Don't judge me.) So my package should arrive at my door at 6pm.. maybe 6:02pm if the UPS guy has trouble parking.

I waited and waited for a knock on the door, or for the phone to ring. And nothing. I cannot believe it. I wanted to cry.

I was really hoping to get my package tonight because ever since I placed that order, I've been thinking up a bunch of different projects to do and now all I need are the things to make them with!

Tomorrow. Tomorrow's the day. I can feel it. Well, that and because the UPS site originally said that tomorrow would be the delivery date.

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