It's A Boy Card

September 11, 2009

I've had my heart set on the Nursery Necessities (#113506) set ever since I had my eyes set on it but I couldn't really justify getting it. I don't scrapbook too much so I couldn't really say that I'd make an album for my son (which I had originally intended on doing but never got around to it). I'm really more of a card-maker, and I didn't really have any reason to make baby cards...

Until now! Now, I've got a bunch of friends who are all expecting (ladies, you're making my womb jealous!) so I have reason to get it now! Yay! One of my friends is expecting a boy so this card would be perfect. It'd be fitting for twins too, because of the two elephants, but she's having just one.

So here's my first card with this set. As always, kept it nice and simple. Nothing fancy... not sure if this is one of those stick-it-in-an-envelope kinda cards though. I think it'd look cute enough perched atop a snuggly little blanket or outfit, don't you think?

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