December 22, 2009

Every since Andrew and I got married, each Christmas, I have it upon my heart to choose someone (could be a person, a couple, a family, etc.) to bless. I'm not sure where this whole idea came from, but I was just moved to share some of our "wealth".

Now, I'm not saying we're well off, because we're by no means rich. In fact, we're living on a single income that isn't always so steady. But we still have more than we really need so sharing some of it is the least we can do.

Anyway, this year Andrew decided that instead of receiving a gift as part of my family's Secret Santa, he'd use the money that the person would have spent to buy grocery gift cards to give away. I had made a really simple card, but I didn't want to leave the gift cards in the sleeves they came in.

They were okay, but I didn't want it to look like we just threw it together in a hurry. So I made a little pocket to stick to the inside of the card. It makes the card a little bulkier but it does the trick!

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