Wild About You

February 12, 2010

Last night, I took Nathan to Bulk Barn for him to pick out treats for his little school buddies. We brought them home and made them into sweet little Valentines.

We seem to have a thing for lollipops, because this year, we did lollipops again! But instead of making little flags like last year, we made sleeves.

I started out cutting sleeves just a little bigger than the lollipop.

Then I stamped the message part first.

That way, Nathan could get working on his part - signing each and every card, without staying up way past his bedtime. Let me tell you, he worked hard. At one point, he asked if we were at number 20 yet. We were at number 4. But, he persevered and got them all done. He looked like a celebrity signing autographs!

Then, when I got them back, I finished stamping the front of the card. I was going for a more boy-ish theme this year. I really didn't want to do pink and red Valentines with hearts and stuff everywhere so I thought this "Wild About You" might work.

With, wait for it... wild animals on the front!

I contemplated punching holes and tying a ribbon to hold it all together, but then I came to my senses and realized that seconds after receiving these lollipops, the sleeves are probably going to be ripped off and tossed in the garbage, so I figured the fastest way to go was stapling. And stapling is what I did.

A nice last-minute Valentines. Quick and easy - the way I like it.

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