Paper Stash

October 28, 2010

One of my 101 goals is to reduce my paper stash by half.

In order to accurately achieve my goal, I have to know how much paper I have to begin with! So last weekend, I cleared up some space on my crafting desk and piled my paper on top. This is what I ended up with, not including a few piles of scraps I have lying around on my shelves.

When I first started papercrafting, I used to go on people's blogs and obsess over pictures of their craft rooms. I was envious of their supply and thought that having too many supplies would be a nice "problem" to have.

But now that I face the same problem, I know otherwise.

In the next couple of weeks before baby comes, I'm hoping to make a few more cards and tags*. Maybe if I'm adventurous enough, I might even make my very first scrapbook layout!

*The only thing with making lots of cards and tags is that I likely won't be able to use them before we move to Australia which means it's another thing to pack! Oh the joys of moving overseas!

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