Couple of Things

June 4, 2009

There's a couple of things on my mind tonight.

First of all, my order has finally been shipped! In about 6 days, I'll be receiving two big boxes filled with STUFF! Oh my, that sounded a little materialistic... We'll have to work on that.

Second of all, my dear husband went downtown to the Pottery Barn Kids to order a desk wall system that I had recently fallen in love with and thought would be a fantastic crafting and homework-ing table (for when my baby boy gets old enough to have homework. But that'll be a long time from now, right? Right?!). Am I spoiled of what?

And last of all, remember when I was all excited about my Yummy set? Well here's a little something that made me a tiny bit less happy. Dawn, over at Dawn's Stampin Thoughts had this great idea of splitting images for more use! I guess I should have thought of this myself because when I first got the set, I was a little disappointed that it was 3 images instead of 4. But being the naive person I am, I didn't change anything and put it on 'like we're supposed to'.

I blame that on the fact that before this, I used mostly acrylic stamps that can be unmounted and mounted to whatever position you like.

In any case, the fact of the matter is that rubber stamps and their labels are extremely permanent and there's nothing I can do about the set now. Oh well! Live and learn, I suppose.

P.S. Go check out Dawn's videos. She has tonnes of them and they're really helpful!

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