June 3, 2009

My second SU! stamp set (Yummy) arrived in the mail last night and I literally cheered when my husband ever so nonchalantly asked if I knew anyone from Vancouver.

While wandering through all those amazing crafty blogs out there, I discovered this set. All those amazing crafts and the cute sentiments! Once I set my eyes on it, I coveted it. I had to have it. The only problem? It was a retired set! WHAT?! Yeah, retired. Which meant there was no way possible I could get my envious little hands on them, except... a wonderful Kari Metzger just happened to be getting rid of a set. A brand new set!

I emailed her right away and a few days later, it showed up at my doorstep.

I am overjoyed. Ecstatic. Over myself with happiness.

I can't wait until Christmas rolls around. I'll bet a package filled with ooey gooey cookies would make an awesome gift. But a package of ooey gooey cookies with a tag that says "a little yummy for your tummy"? Even better.

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