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January 21, 2010

When you're living off of one income, you have to come to terms with the fact that you can't get everything you want. I would love to buy every single paper-crafting tool and product that makes my heart skip a beat, but let's face it, that just really isn't going to happen.

So when you're in a situation like mine, you just have to use what you have.

I've been wanting to colour in many of my stamped images lately. But little things like blender pens always get bumped down on my list of things to buy. I have a couple markers but sometimes the colour comes out too strong. So what did I do? I dug around in my crafting area and found a box of pens from my childhood.

I've been collecting and hoarding these pens ever since I discovered them. I'm pretty sure just about every Asian girl knows about these gel pens. I loved them. The colours. The variety. I had to have them all. One of each colour, in every style. Had to get the Tiara ones. Had to get the Souffle ones. Had to get the Aqualip ones. And sometimes, I'd get doubles {just in case} I ran out of one colour.

It was a little overboard, but now I'm really glad I have them because it gives me some options when I don't have what all the other crafters are using.

So if you're strapped for cash, try digging around your stash to see what treasures your past has to offer.

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