Liz and Ingle

September 28, 2009

My good friend, Liz, got married this weekend. I met her during frosh week during our first year at university and I lived with her in second year.. until I got pregnant.

Anyway! We got to celebrate with her and her new hubby, Ingle, this weekend and they had a beautiful wedding. They're so cute together, so in love and the best part is that God's very evidently the centre of their marriage.

I wrapped up their gift the night before and since there were two pieces, I needed something to keep them together. Ribbon was all I had on hand (well, that an a LOT of scotch tape but I figure that might detract from the presentation...) so I tied them together.

I liked how the curls fell from the centre of the knot but I knew that wouldn't stay so here's trick I learned recently, from a florist's bouquet - tape down where the bottom of the curl sits on the surface! So simple but so genius!

Cheers to the newly weds :)

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  1. Hey Bee :D heehee.. I just discovered this new blog of yours! I think you have a great knack for design and making things look pretty :) And awwww, thanks for your message, i have lots of great memories of the time we had together! <3 Keep designing!