Advent Conspiracy Project - Sneak Peek #3

November 19, 2009

I'm all stitched out. Last night, I sat down at my desk with the intention of just trying out a new Christmas card design based on a card I had seen recently.

I only really wanted to make one card. But then I figured I could make a second one and try to alter something for a different design. I didn't end up altering anything.

A few hours (and 298314 faux stitch lines) later, I had made 10 cards, and 15 decorated card bases - quite the accomplishment for me!

Here's a peak at some of that faux-stitched goodness.

You'll be seeing a lot of the same colours in these sneak peeks. One way I'm saving money with this project is using the same materials, so that scraps and leftovers for one design can be used with another.

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